Woodstock Invitational Luthier Showcase

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    My second year at this event was far better than the first .
    This is a tough market and trust is hard won , but some ice got broken this year .
    More luthiers are giving my wood serious consideration as well as buying it . I even sold a sycamore archtop set . I sure want to see that one and hope the luthier makes contact with me as I requested once the build begins .
    As a side note , one of the other tonewood vendors , Carl Barney and I were discussing my new headstock/tuning machine design and he immediately liked it once I did a drawing and he could visualize it .
    He immediately asked if he could use the design and even offered a royalty which I am seriously considering accepting .
    Carl builds wonderful archtops and I certainly am flattered by the offer .
    He and others kept asking why I did not bring an example to show .
    The reason is very plain . Baker only wants professional luthiers displaying instruments at this show and it is his show .
    Next year , I will be asking Baker for an exemption based on it being a truly new design in luthery and I will have an acoustic example to display . At this time , I only have one example/prototype and it is an electric and that one is left handed to boot . This , after all , is an acoustic instrument only show and I will respect that .
    All in all , a good event for the Otterhound name this year and hoping that next year will be even better yet .
    Maybe I will see some of you next year . Please stop by and say hello .

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