Wood source in the Wichita, KC, Topeka Area

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    I went up to Mark Frieden's place at Pomona today. He has a nice selection of furniture grade lumber. The walnut was a nice chocolate, the purpleheart was a bright purple. He didn't have much in the way of exotics. Some zebra wood and lacewood. His African mahogany was a nice rich brown, but he only had 4/4 on hand. I have a feeling that if you weren’t in a hurry and told him what you were after, he could probably get it for you. He let me go through the stacks and pick whichever boards I wanted. Most were in the 9’ long range. Some of the cherry I got has a little figuring in it. I’ll see if I can hide that in the shop upstairs and save it for something later. It’s just too nice to use for rail and stiles.

    38.5 bd ft of nice cherry for $174 with tax.

    Here's a shot of a couple of the nicer pieces. Mind you $4.20/bd ft for these.

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