What Is "foam Tape" Used For Temporary (long-term) Mounting Of Electronics To Soundboard

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    Greetings Community,

    I need information, please, on what "foam tape" is and where, generally speaking, it can be purchased--a supply house link would be appreciated if it is appropriate to post on the forum.

    Intent of use is for temporarily (but long-term) mounting a synth unit to an acoustic sound board. I found a YouTube video of someone who mounted the same unit with "foam tape" for over a year: When the "foam tape" was eventually removed, it was done without any surface damage (just sticky film that came off easily with wiping). This approach should allow for adequate holding of the unit to the soundboard but safely pulling away (in case of unintended strong tugging on the synth plug unit).

    I'm just not sure what "foam tape" is formally called when searching for it as well as where to begin search for purchase.

    Most gratefully of insight, Jeff.
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