What do you think about sound of this guitar?

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    I have a new Yamaha F310 guitar which it's sound has confused me. Please tell me what do you think about it's sound? Is it normal? Do you hear any buzz - specially in trebles? And if it's not could it be due to manufacturer's low quality strings which sound bad?
    Pleae downlod the zip from wikisend which contains strings played open, with first fret taken and Am chord played.


    Some measurements:
    Gap between 6th string & 12th fret: 3 mm
    Gap between 6th string & 7th fret: 2 mm
    Gap between 6th string & 1st fret: 1 mm

    Gap between 1st string & 12th fret: 2mm
    Gap between 1st string & 7th fret: 1.5 mm
    Gap between 1st string & 1st fret: 0.5 mm

    Thanks in advance
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    Web site says the file does not exist. Logically the measurement progression is correct. In moving from the nut to the 12th fret the string height should increase; because, any vibrating string has more magnitude in the middle (i.e. 12th fret played if open). from the 12th to the bridge it can decrease again; because, the shorter fretted string lengths have less magnitude than the open strings will.

    You could try and old slide guitar trick to see if it is actually buzzing: Lighten the stress on all 6 strings, then take a Phillips-head screwdriver and push it in above or just below the nut. The screwdriver needs to have a diameter large enough to place the strings above the slotted nut heights of the strings, but just barely. Now with that the new higher "nut" is in place bar-cord the guitar, then play all the strings open. The open position and bar-cord will require retuning due to the movement of the "nut" (i.e. the screwdriver); but, at least you can hear the difference and hopefully tell if it is buzzing.

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