Urea Formaldehyde Glue

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    Has anyone used Urea Formaldehyde glue for laminate necks? I have used Unibond 800 a urea formaldehyde glue for gluing six panel solid cherry wood doors to make them thicker as I could not find 8/4 rustic cherry. So far, it has held the wood dead flat even with some of the boards having some warp to them before gluing ( I clamped and glued them to a flat surface) for over 10 years now. Supposedly, this is a glue that is recommend for gluing veneers with a veneer vacuum press because there is no creep after curing that may happen with PVA glues. My reasoning is that if there is tendency for the wood in the neck to twist in the future, there will have to be at least some give in the glue joint for the wood to move in whatever direction it wants to twist in. If there is no give in the glue, even if the wood wants to twist it will resist the wood movement.
    Your thoughts.

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