Tv Jones T-armond Installation And Recommendations. Help Please!

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    I'm building a guitar with a local luthier (I'm from Chile) and I bought T armond for it. I wanted to ask you what would you recommend as the setting for the installation of the pickups. It's a solidbody guitar with and independent volumen for each pickup and a master volume and tone. I want to get a versatile sounding guitar, warm, good for soloing blues ( not necessarily the blues tone, just a good clean sound) and also classic rock tunes, that handles well overdrive and fuzz.

    I will be using an ABM 2400 roller bridge and a Les tremm II tremolo.

    I've attached pictures of the guitar but need information regarding pots, resistance, pickups orientation, etc...

    I have the no ears mount.

    IMG-20190328-WA0007.jpg IMG-20190328-WA0011.jpg
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