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    This is a repost from the intro thread. I thought that I should make my first post in the introductions section, but then thought that some of you may not frequent the newb section. so here is my story...

    Greetings all,

    I am not a luthier. I love guitars and I love wood! I have worked with wood and really enjoy it, however I do not own all of the tools I would need to make guitars. I do not have a shop area to make a guitar and most of all I do not have the experience to make a guitar to the quality that I want. I have modified and refinished guitars, I have drooled all over pictures of some beautifully crafted instruments including many here on this site. I am in so much awe of the luthier's talent that I do not possess. I do posses creativity in other fields such as graphic design, web design and development, computer IT and most recently jewelry photography.

    You may ask yourself why I would join a luthier forum if I'm not a luthier? I'm hoping to find someone that wants a custom web site built for them as much as I want to have a custom guitar built for me. I did not come here to spam the forum to sell my services, however I would like to barter with someone here to exchange services. I design and build websites for many high profile clients including Pearl River Pianos, Ritmuller Pianos, Yamaha Music School, Keyboard Concepts piano stores and Arthur Lee from the 60's band Love. I have many more non-music related sites in my online portfolio.

    I want neck-thru SG style guitar with a carved top like a Les Paul and I already have the spalted maple top. I can provide and install all of the hardware and electronics, I just need someone to make me a body and neck.

    Anyone out there wanna do some horse trading?
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    Perth, Australia
    I know you wrote your post over 4 years ago, but I am about to create my own webpage for my luthier business "".
    I have just searched this forum to ask if anyone has any tips really. I have checked out the worldwide luthier directory to see how other luthiers have their webpages set up and I am prepared to use templates (CMS) and had not thought to use a professional website builder. There are so many CMSs on the market I'm mind-boggled who to go with. I only recently built my workshop, so it doesn't have all the building tools in it, just the gear for repairing and setting up. I have only built one instrument and that was my Fender Jazz Bass copy (and I'm left-handed) so I wouldn't profess to giving a yeah to building a through-body necked SG.
    However, what are your thoughts and suggestions with starting a webpage. I have a domain name in mind but do I register it with or someone else?
    I look forward to hearing.

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