Strumming Damage Around Sound Hole

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    Recently, I acquired an Art and Lutherie brand, cedar-top, lacquer-finish guitar with a sizable amount of strumming damage around edge of sound hole. (Please refer to picture at bottom of post.)

    If I impose, my care for a guitar only extends to general maintenance. Any comments along the lines of "do's and don't's" in care would be appreciated.

    Mainly, I am concerned about weakening of face, leading to wood-splitting or other forms of structural damage. Likely? (The wood is so thin near edge, it seems easily broken off.)

    With its factory lacquer finish, would reapplying such over the exposed wood be a good protective measure? If so, what type should I pick up at hardware store?

    Should I avoid applying anything of cleaner or conditioner (like lemon oil) on the exposed area?

    Lastly, as the guitar has a lovely sound, can a luther repair this type of damage? In the meantime, would rounding off the worn edge, getting to a place where the wood is near normal thickness be safe if careful? Necessary? (I would be playing it before having repaired?)

    I am not so concerned about cosmetics, so would some wood putty be a practical approach to protecting from further damage? Common hardware type o.k., if so?

    Many thanks. Jeff--picture below (upsidedown).

    upload_2020-10-17_4-40-16.png upload_2020-10-17_4-40-16.png

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