Shielding A Floyd Rose Hh Guitar?

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Aug 24, 2018
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Hello Luthiers, got a question for y'all.

I get some crazy noise coming out of my amp. I am playing a Charvel DK 24,

Now I have learned that covering the control cavity with copper or aluminium tape will reduce the noise. I have seen plenty of videos of people shielding stratocasters and it's straight forward, easy to understand. But my question is how would I go about shielding a floyd rose guitar with 2 humbuckers? I mean on a strat everything is attached to the pickguard and is therefore quite easy to "box" it in. On this guitar, should I only cover the control cavity with copper tape? Then attach an extra grounding cable to the volume knob that I later attach to the copper material? Should I cover something more than the control cavity? If anyone has any pictures or videos on how this is done I would appreciate it if you sent a link.

Hopefully my question wasn't too convoluted. The background noise is driving me insane, whenever I turn up the gain it get's painfully annoying.

Cheers lads!
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Nov 22, 2013
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Older post did you make out?

HB's are supposed to be hum cancelling. Most Strats run a ground wire under the bridge, and/or one to the trem claw and one to the body. Also on a strat the shielding in cavities goes up and over the lip just a hair so there is no "open space" when pickguard is on. Look at some vids/schematics and be thorough. I use the nickel spray shield in cavities mostly because it looks cleaner, easier to apply and gets in smaller crevices like a wire channel.