Rosette / Circle Cutter With Presets

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    Sep 29, 2019
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    I became frustrated with traditional circle cutters so I came up with this & thought I would share it. With this design you don’t have to repeatedly adjust the position of the blade in relation to the pivot to adjust the diameter of the circles, instead of the blade moving the pivot moves along a line of pivot holes, the distance between the holes & the blade tip is pre-set to the radius of the circles to be cut.
    Instead of having to remove, turn around & adjust the depth of the blade to have the flat side of the blade on the correct side of the cut (to have a 90 degree “cliff“cut on either the outside or inside of the circle) you turn the whole cutter around 180 degrees & use the holes on the other side of the blade, then spin the cutter in the reserve direction. Each pivot hole is numbered in the order I use them for each rosette.
    70657159_644528206041237_3958936360500330496_n.jpg 70184838_644528346041223_1304303051498061824_o.jpg Tr49710.jpg

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