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    Nov 10, 2017
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    Just found this website and since I have just started building I’m glad.
    I build my first acoustic guitar by attending the American Luthier School with Charles Fox. What a wonderful and intense experience. After leaving the guitar needed to be finished and I didn’t have any spray equipment. Many years ago I was a shop tracer and I remembered French Polishing and spot finishing things . So I spent about 4 months doing a complete French Polishing on all of the guitar.

    I have also carved for many years doing things from busts to Northwest traditional masks and other things.
    I now want to be able to build more acoustic guitars combining both the carving and building of the guitars.
    I hope to learn much here and I hope I can offer some assistance to others as my skills and knowledge become improved.
    I am now retired after 42 years as a psychologist. So my time can be spent between my family, playing acoustic fingerstyle blues and building acoustic guitars.
    I’m very happy to have found this group. Well I guess that is it for now. Oh my computer skills are very lacking so I hope that is not a hindrance to being here. Midnight Shadow.

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