Neck Sanded Too Much, Can See The Dark Shape Of The Truss Rod, Fixable?

Discussion in 'Restoration & Repair' started by Orion, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Orion

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    Jan 17, 2019
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    Hi, new here, been sanding down a neck and I've done it a bit too much, but not throughout the whole of it, it's squidgy to touch but hasn't gone all the way through, is there any way I can redeem this? Coat the neck with something thick, or plaster a load of wood filler over that part of the neck and sand back down? Any suggestions would be great, so long as they don't involve starting again with a different neck >. >
  2. Marshall DeWitt

    Marshall DeWitt New Member

    Nov 1, 2017
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    I would reply; however, you told me not too above with your comment of not starting over. If you do decide to start over:
    Try a 3 or 5 piece neck cut almost to the shape you want. This provides you, at least, two positive things:
    1) VERY little shaping to be done
    2) The neck will likely stay straighter over time as the multi-layers stabilize the other layers.
    Just my two cents,
  3. jayjackson

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    Jul 8, 2018
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    you can try to build up that area with Fiberglass. But what will proably happen no matter what you use is the wood of the neck will expand at a different rate then what is used to build it up, causing the patched area to be felt when going over the area. There are products that will harden soft or roting wood. Me myself would go with another neck

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