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Feb 17, 2023
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Hello everyone I am new to the community. I am starting a 3/4 mini neck-thru guitar build for my niece to make it less difficult for her to learn. She is 7 so her hands are not very big. I am going with a 22.75 scale length. I am currently having difficulty deciding on string spacing. My buddy has a cnc mill. And we will be milling our own bridge. I will be making my own nut out of bone. With this, any string spacing is possible. A mini squire has a 1.6" nut width. So likely around 1.375" string spacing at the nut. And best I can tell without holding one in my hands a standard squire bridge with 2.0625"ish string spacing. Can anyone confirm this? If that is the case, I suspect a tighter string spacing may make the instrument easier to play in a child's hands. I have found very little information on electric 3/4 guitars. Any opinions or thought's on string spacing would be appreciated.

I will attempt to keep track of progress and post it here so you guys can check it out.