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Sep 23, 2022
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I am not a luthier, but I have a question about a problem. I have a 1990 (I think) Martin Shenandoah guitar that has a cracked bridge. I am the original owner and Martin said they would not cover it under warranty.

I took it to a luthier (Martin authorized repair) and he recommended not removing and replacing it because he said it is glued pretty solid to the top and he thought there might be some tear-out of the top on removal. Instead, he said he could glue it back together. He mentioned using some sort of clamp to squeeze it together while the glue sets and said he has had good result with this in the past. The cost to do this would $350 (which includes a setup), which was higher than I expected. I thought I had read somewhere replacing a bridge is generally half this price. I forgot to ask how much of that prices was the tailpiece fix and how much was the setup.

So what I am wondering is this a good alternative to replacing? I would be ok with the cost if it were a replacement of the bridge + setup, but it seems like a lot just to glue the crack. Has anyone done a repair like this?


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