Large bodied acoustic guitars- past 12fth fret

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    May 14, 2015
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    I like big things, as many would suspect if they knew me well, but only particular parts. Sometimes I look at things, and see that a certain component is either too big or too small. Any person can come up with the idea of scaling something up, but I want to talk about the proportions. I like thinking outside the box, or in this case, beyond 12 frets... towards the nut.

    I find it sad that my local guitar store doesn't have any 12 fret dreadnoughts at the moment. I'm curious and fond of the stronger bass response, louder volume and softer tone. I mean, if I want more treble in a steel string, I'd get a parlor guitar, or a tenor guitar tuned in the first four strings. The 14 fret Dread is a one size fits all thing. But I never go beyond the 12fth fret.

    TL;DR? Well, it's simple. I have an idea for a guitar whereas the neck and body meet at the 9th fret. A cutaway allows access up to the 12th fret. Weird idea.
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    Smaller bodied acoustic guitars need not suffer from a lack of bass response .
    Personally , I find Dreadnaughts to be overly bass oriented and lacking in balance .
    You may want to look the Weissenborn designs .
    Bottom line is that you can build it any way you see fit with whatever purpose you desire .
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    I don't know why they even build em with frets pass the 12th.

    When it comes down to it .....
    there are no rules..
    cept for the scale length n intonation stuff. Go for it. Could be the next big thing.

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