How Could I Make A Keyboard With As Many Blacks As White Keys?


Apr 24, 2013
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Bowen Island, BC, Canada
But isn't that what happens in some other tones? Why is not a problem with, say, F? There you have some whites and some blacks.
Imagine you are playing a song in C and then you are told to play it in C# or D. That's a big change in the classic layout but a piece of cake in the new one.
What is a mess is learning every single chord/scale in 12 different forms. How many mistakes have you made changing from one tone to another? Hundreds? Thousands?

With this new layout you only learn 2 ways which are symmetric.
Don't you see the extreme simplification of chords and scales in this layout?

I agree with your principle of minimizing the differences between scale fingerings, but you could just as easily eliminate one of your two remaining scale fingerings by eliminating the physical differences between black keys and white keys.

That would leave you with one fingering for each scale structure like you already experience when playing a scale along one string of your guitar.

You might also be interested in two-dimensional keyboard array designs which are even more guitar-like.