Hi From Balkan's Wanna Be Builder.

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    Hi Dear Luthier Talk forum, and anyone who is reading this.

    This is my little story about me and music, I have some questions, but I will put them on last part of this text. Thank You in advance for reading.

    I come from one small Balkan country where building guitars in not really an high sallery job. And it's not that "respected" and it really hard to sell guitar, 'couse everyone wants to buy Fender/Gibson and you can only get peanuts for your instruments. I've played some really amazing custom instruments, which smokes Fender/Gibson custom shop anyday, but guys don't even get peanuts for instruments. One guy did just get partnership with Thomann.de music shop (biggest shop in Europe), and another which I know, did get partnership with some music shop in Texas. This two guys are only two guys with international dealers, but we have like 20ish builders in local music comunitty.

    My story about building and that I wanna be builder is that I was always sorrounded by music, and never quite get it until some age. I did try to play music, but I $ucked at it. I was later in electrical engeneering collage, but I didn't finished it yet. I did want to be guitar and amp builder, but I was never into amps. And amps for me are just boxes with pots. And I was always way more into the guitars then amps. Guitars spoke to me and I hear them. I belive that guitar building is my call. In my country there is no collage for building guitars, or even process wood stuff .. only electronic stuff is there.

    About 1 year ago, when I was thinking about going back to school, I did send email to one education school for adoults .. and they said that they have "wood processing" class, and that I can learn a lot about woods, working with wood and all that stuff. And after that some guys did say: if U stuck, feel free to call me.

    Now, my questions: are you happy with your call? Do you ever feel like you did want something else? Are you feel sorry for it? Can anyone learn how to build guitar? Do I need diploma for it? How much did you pay for tools? Anything really.

    Tnx for help. :)

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