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Jan 9, 2019
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Discover Features of Dungeon Rushers-A Great RPG for Android

If you are a fan of role-playing games, Dungeon Rushers is definitely a game for you. This is an outstanding name among tons of other games in the apk store. Now, let’s check the article below to find out special features that Dungeon Rushers owns. Here we go!

Brief information

Dungeon Rushers for Android is a tactical RPG game that incorporates fascinating cave exploration and turn-based gameplay. The features of the game are similar to the RPG games you have been playing. However, in this game, you will come to many places stretching across the world, perform various tasks and start a mysterious journey. See more information from here: Role playing game online


More details of the game

Join this game, you have to manage the fighting team in the dusty dungeons to destroy the army of monsters and create powerful equipment. You will become a part of an amazing adventure with a lot of colorful characters in this incredible universe.

Dungeon Rushers is based on the story of Elian, a professional toilet cleaner. He did not feel satisfied with his life and always wanted to change his life. Therefore, the character voluntarily participates in the army of hell warriors where he cooperates with other heroes to end the monopoly on dungeons from a sinister corporation. For more details, check this link: Role playing games online free


In order to explore dungeons and possess the treasures of these dungeons, you need to manage your heroes. You will recruit warriors who want to join the army and face a series of traps and monsters. All heroes who share the same traits need to join together and drop all the dangers during the journey. You also need to upgrade your map-making skills through all 6 levels by creating your own items from various elements found in the dungeon.

During the process of executing interesting tasks, you will explore dark dungeons and rob enemy’s treasures. You need to build your own team by choosing the best hero combination to overcome traps hidden in the dark. Besides, you can upgrade your hero's skills to make them scary and put them in wise strategic positions to win.

In the game, you will create equipment with materials collected along the journey thanks to the advanced fabrication system including 6 different craftsmen. Do not forget to complete the challenge of conquering dungeons and rewarding to unlock new hero challenges where only the best can win treasure. Download the game here: Best Free Role Playing game


Dungeon Rushers also possesses the leveling function, where you can unleash your own dungeons while sharing and enjoying a range of levels from many other players. To know your position in the game, visit the global rankings and thereby provide an appropriate strategy and action plan. There is no reason not to give Dungeon Rushers a try and experience on this weekend!

To sum up, Dungeon Rushers should be in the list of role-playing games you need to download. If you like the game, visit our store to download and enjoy now. Hope that you will have great playing moments!
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