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    I 1.JPG 12.JPG Hi I purchased this guitar in 1996 from my local music store n 2002 it fell from its stand and cracked the neck it was hanging on probably only saved by the Truss Rod Cover I put the guitar in its case and put it in the attic and left it there . I have had a battle with the Big C which is still ongoing and was forced to finish work so now I have a lot of time on my hands however my mobility is not so good so I had to say goodbye to Cycling Swimming etc
    I picked up my guitars again recently and remembered the broken one so I did some research and have glued the headstock back into place The next step will be preparing for staining and lacquer. I need some advice with the headstock the Lacquer has cracked extensively and some has simply flaked off how do I remove the rest of the Lacquer without damaging the Gibson and Les Paul Decals?
    I have some stand damage in a few places at the bottom of the guitar and advice on what to do with them would be gladly received
    Regards Craig1969

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