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    I was struggling with the idea of measuring out every fret, and the risk of making an error, so I made it a little easier on myself. As a former AutoCAD operator, I went back to ACAD and made plans for 3 different scale lengths so I can easily transfer them to a template and make an accurate jig.

    I'm providing links to them in .dwg and .pdf format. I had trouble with Kinko's printing them out, but when I sent them to my drafting buddy, he successfully printed them with zero size discrepancy. I've included 2 copies each of 25.5", 25", and 24.75" scales, with reference dimensions to confirm accuracy when printed. They have a 1-11/16" nut width, and 2-1/4" fretboard end width, and 24 frets. All measurements in the documents are accurate to 1/1000th of an inch.

    I can assure you they're completely clean and virus free. I hope they help you as much as they helped me.



    Fair warning: They're HUGE, but will print on 24"x36" with proper cropping and printing configs.

    P.S. - I'm sure you all are past this point, as many of you are experienced builders. I just wanted to contribute SOMETHING to the forum, and hope that any n00bs like me will find them useful.

    Here's a preview:
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