For Sale: Luthiery business with a 45 year history.

bruce bennett

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Apr 14, 2013
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Chattanooga TN
I'm 60s years old and selling my business.
My shop area looks like a Grizzly Tool advertisement.

1 12" 5HP cabinet saw G0605X
1 20" spiral head planer G1033X
1 8" parallel spiral head jointer GG0490X
1 GG0574 inline sander with fret board Radius attachment
1 Air filter model G9956
1 14" band saw from Central Machinery with a grizzly 6" riser kit added
1 handmade 25 fret gang arbor saw/ fretboard slotting machine with vacuum pump
1 NEJE 30 watt laser engraver CNC
1 80 gallon Kobalt Air compressor USA made
and SO MANY hand tools and almost all of it is Stew Mac. including the Erlewine neck jig body board work stand and 2 Vices.
over 200 templates fixture and jigs for making guitar including many vintage pieces that are not available anywhere on the market.
There is a small store area with inventory that sells strings, straps, picks, pedals, pickups, amps and guitars, and lots of guitar parts. glass cases and store fixtures
you can also visit my Reverb store and find lots of photos.
and I can offer a specified time of consulting and or teaching up to 5 years if required to transition to the new ownership
asking $80,000 for a turn key store with a traffic flow and a solid repeat customer base. she needs someone with the capital to run it, and someone who knows how to advertise in this digital world
and I'm just too old to learn all that stuff now. you can also google "Hot Rods Guitar shop Hixson TN" and see photos of the interior and exterior