Considering Purchase: Q1) Fret Wear . . . When To Be Concerned? Q2)dryness Of Bridge.

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    As not of profession, if I may ask of insight . . . am considering purchase of few-hundred dollars acoustic-electric used guitar (circa mid-2000's), but saw what appears to be discoloration, which looks like superficial wear, over first several frets, about up to the 5th fret.

    There does not appear to be any effect on my properly fretting the guitar, nor does this look like groves; it is, however, notably different in appearance (darker) from other portions of those frets that are not directly under strings where this is seen, about eighth of inch in width of discoloration. It appears under all strings--except 1st and 2nd--from 1st to 5th fret.

    Since fret re-placement would be expense not practical to price of guitar, does this suggest an issue that is soon to be of concern with daily play. Plays fine in set up as lower-end acoustic-electric. Few hundred dollars to me in purchase, however, is sizable from budget, so not thinking of play it as long as will last, if only a year or two.

    Of note, the guitar probably has not been cleaned during previous ownership, so frets bars have likely never been cleaned.

    Lastly, as it appears no cleaning/conditioning of wood has been done, the rosewood bridge is quite dry as is near the head-stock. No splitting is occurring, but it is the driest I've seen on any guitar. (No case used for it.) Soundboard is crack-free, binding fine, neck-joint intact.

    Will bridge/headstock restore conditioning once cleaned and lemon oil applied?

    Rosewood fretboard looks in need of cleaning/conditioning, but not as much dried--in appearance, anyway--lots of grime.

    My impression, is the guitar--surprising, since not kept in case--has no chips or dings or corrosion--lots of cigarette stitch, however, as seemed to sweet it from soundboard with initially using Dunlop 65--to see what was discoloration or simply not cleaned--looks pretty, not cracks. Electronics fine, nice actually. It plays without fret buzz and has desired action.

    If frets won't soon be issue or splitting likely--it would be a good buy--your thoughts, please. Have case for it.

    Tuners are apparently worn, not holding tuning . . . I'd replace, but that is topic for another thread.

    Thank you for insight, Jeff.

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