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    Construction complete! Best cordless drills from Bosch and Milwaukee

    With Do It Yourself trends becoming more and more popular with the advent of the internet, the need for tutorials and guides naturally increases with time. The market for power tools and construction is one of the most dynamic areas dealing with this phenomenon. To meet the demands, we have compiled this top list of comparison Top Rated Cordless Drill [​IMG] between Bosch and Milwaukee drills for your convenience.

    The list was published after much internal testing of many drills and only the most competitive remain featured here. Even then, the final decision lies in your hands to pick the best of the best. Welcome to the internet’s king of cordless drill reviews.

    1. Bosch PS32-02 12 Volt Max Brushless 3/8-inch Drill


    This cordless drill is considered to be the ultimate helper with home construction. If you experience fatigue during routine house maintenance, this drill is built for you, period. The drill features a clean design, coming in at a very light 2lbs and a length of 7 inches for all of your building and fixing pleasure. The battery is a 12V Lithium-ion battery which allows you to continue on with your work for hours and last but not least, the charger will ensure to sustain your drilling capacity for a long time.

    When looking at the settings, it features up to 21 clutch and a modular trigger which means that anyone, even kids, can operate and control the power or speed of the drill any time. Functionally, the drill can be used on a wide variety of surfaces: plastic, wood or metal. But the most powerful ability is the Autolock chuck. This drill will provide you the trust and assurance to continue on without worry. The only downsides are the noise level associated with such a small device and it is only recommended for light duty only.

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    ✠✠✠ Useful Link: [​IMG] What Are The Best Cordless Drills

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    2. Milwaukee 2407-20 M12 3/8 Cordless Power Drill

    The best cordless drill from Milwaukee comes with 2 high speed settings for you to differentiate between light and heavy work. From 0-400 RPM and from 0-1500 RPM. The light and small design is very suitable for light work on metal, plastic or organic substances such as wood. Up to 19 clutches are there for you to choose according to your requirement and all of them are packed by a powerful 275 inch-lbs torque.


    You can also drive screws into place thanks to the drilling barrel design. Finally, the drill comes with an LED light. For overall balance, this tool weighs 2¾ lbs with a length of only 7⅜ inches. A big move, Milwaukee is smart to improve compatibility with other types of accessories as the chuck is big.

    ✵✵✵ See It Here: What Is The Best Cordless Drill [​IMG]

    Author’s Verdict

    Both brands have their own strengths and drawbacks. Bosch provides a high quality, user-friendly experience that will help the user get the job done. Milwaukee is more about tailoring that user experience to a specific situation so we can choose what is best. To that end, the final choice is yours. Use your discretion to buy a cordless drill that best suits your requirements for a reliable companion to accompany you on all your jobs!
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