Bass Bridge Mounting Screw Robustness

Eric Jakubowski

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Mar 17, 2018
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I just received a bass bridge from eBay which did not come with the mounting screws. I will need to drill new holes to mount the bridge, and before I do I am curious what size screw I should use. The bridge has 4 mounting holes - link to bridge specs:

I bought #8 1-inch wood screws with a gold color to match the bridge. I picked these up at a store near me and they are coarse thread with about 1/4 shank. They are thicker and longer than the original bridge screws, which were finer thread and 50% more numerous - with no shank. The body of the bass is agathis, it is 4 strings. I am curious if you people think these screws will hold the bridge or should I go with something more substantial? I did buy #10 screws as well, but the shank is too big to fit through the mounting holes of the bridge. I'd like to not have to think about it going forward, so let's assume heavy gauge stainless steel strings.

If you think these 4 screws can do the job, how big of a pilot hole would you use? I'm not that familiar with agathis, I almost mistook it for ugly mahogany.