"aging" Soundboard With Baking Soda Etc...

Discussion in 'Guitar Building' started by Bradh88, Oct 15, 2019.

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    Oct 14, 2019
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    Hi everybody, new here ... Hoping to hear some opinions and advice. I've done a couple minor repairs and refinishes in the past, but am new to building guitars etc, and am about to start first project (Just a kit uke, tenor, mahogany).
    Anyhow, I was thinking that either a baking soda or vinegar treatment on the soundboard might be really cool. Darken and "age" the appearance of the wood before stains (if any) and oil finish... .. .. Looking for that "vintage" look...
    Is this dumb? Haha ... maybe there's a better method? I don't want to risk warping the soundboard of course!
    Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome!!
    Thanks all!

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