1. Jonny Cumbo

    Warped Soundboard.

    This acoustic guitar bridge came unglued in a hot car and the steel strings pulled the bridge so the soundboard became warped. How can I flatten the board? Once that is done I should be able to prep and reglue the bridge. Any ideas please?
  2. T

    Installing An Electric Bridge On An Acoustic-electric Guitar With Under Saddle Pickup

    I'm currently in the process of performing a conversion on my acoustic electric guitar. One of the changes I'd like to make is to install an electric bridge on the guitar. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to still interact with the sound board when using an electric bridge...
  3. C

    Diy Soundboards?

    Does everyone here buy soundboards from tonewood suppliers? I'm wondering how viable it is to source quarter-sawn spruce/maple planks and slice off some soundboards at home, either with a band saw or (god help me) hand tools. I need the maple for a lyre I'm planning on making a large monochord...