1. Jonny Cumbo

    Warped Soundboard.

    This acoustic guitar bridge came unglued in a hot car and the steel strings pulled the bridge so the soundboard became warped. How can I flatten the board? Once that is done I should be able to prep and reglue the bridge. Any ideas please?
  2. J

    Guild Twelve String Bridge Problems

    Hello everyone! I’m a brand new member and this is my first post. I’ll appreciate any insight I can get. I recently bought a guild jf-30-12 on reverb as a project. The bridge had pulled off and took a lot of top material with it. I’m new to the luthier trade and have never dealt with this...
  3. E

    Bass Bridge Mounting Screw Robustness

    Hello, I just received a bass bridge from eBay which did not come with the mounting screws. I will need to drill new holes to mount the bridge, and before I do I am curious what size screw I should use. The bridge has 4 mounting holes - link to bridge specs...
  4. Eumldeuml

    Custom/self-made Individual Bridge

    Hello all :) Recently I got my hands on a quite mighty CNC-machine which lets me also cut aluminum and even steel (but I won't do that right now, still too afraid to break stuff xD). Now that I have endless possibilities I'd love to make my own individual saddles like the ones from hipshot...