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  1. bruce bennett

    For Sale: Luthiery business with a 45 year history.

    I'm 60s years old and selling my business. My shop area looks like a Grizzly Tool advertisement. 1 12" 5HP cabinet saw G0605X 1 20" spiral head planer G1033X 1 8" parallel spiral head jointer GG0490X 1 GG0574 inline sander with fret board Radius attachment 1 Air filter model G9956 1...
  2. bruce bennett

    Pore filling with a different color than the wood stain color

    generally , Pore filling is done PRIOR to staining. and you would never use a lighter colored pore filler if your using a darker color stain. but please feel free to experiment to your hearts content and photo/post the results Even the bad results please
  3. bruce bennett

    Help On A Specific Type Of Wiring Please

    look up a Fender Jazz bass circuit and just add in a 3rdvolume pot and viola! you have exactly what your asking for. and if it was ME.. I would make all 3 volume pots push pulls so I could access some very cool single coil options on those rail buckers..
  4. bruce bennett

    How To Tell If You Have A Single Or Duel Action Truss Rod

    larryguitars answer is exactly why I posted that half Novel above him.. His description is fine, but terminology is incorrect. and it leads to confusion. he's describing a D.A. 2 way, and calling it simply a "2 way" but at the end of his description, he calls it a "Dual Action"...
  5. bruce bennett

    Spoke Nut On A Neck Through here is a photo that if you forget that its a bolt on neck the holes will still be the same. the only thing that you must get right on a neck through is the location and the sequence of the build. you can Study the Charvel guitars or the EVH...
  6. bruce bennett

    How To Tell If You Have A Single Or Duel Action Truss Rod

    First what make and model of guitar are we speaking about , that alone can answer your original question. I've been telling people about the 4 main types of truss rods for a very long time and still its not yet common knowledge. and well, if I'm gonna answer this question, then it needs to...
  7. bruce bennett

    Well Guys Hows The Luthier Trade Treating You?

    It true that general repairs do require you to have a shop that can handle ANYTHING that happens to walk in the door. and yeah, Its really not worth doing that in todays market unless you live somewhere that has a very serious music scene with plenty of customers to sustain you...
  8. bruce bennett

    Question From Player, For Builders

    pretty much anything. depending of course, on the body design and how much material you might require to make sure that both necks are reasonably accessible. i would recommend staying with bolt necks styles , unless your pretty luthiery savvy
  9. bruce bennett

    Use Of Bigsbee On A Arch Top Acoustic

    well, i can say with certainty that the sustain is very good. and the guitar actually has a nice well balanced acoustic tone. That said, Gretsch acoustic guitars are not like any other acoustic out there. while they have excellent balance and a very even tone and volume across the...
  10. bruce bennett

    Leveling A Radiused Nut Slot

    leave the slot as is just use a curved nut blank.. flattening the slot "can" hit the truss rod anchor on Fender guitars.
  11. bruce bennett

    Use Of Bigsbee On A Arch Top Acoustic Guessing you've not seen this yet
  12. bruce bennett

    Question From Player, For Builders

    yes! you an absolutely join them. and glue is stronger than the wood itself. just use yellow carpenters glue and a couple of dowels..
  13. bruce bennett

    Set Through Neck Questions

    your actually talking about two different steps and yes. you will do both.
  14. bruce bennett


    a single ball bearing guide like the stewmac binding router attachment for the dremel.. You'll have to make it yourself most likely. unless a dremel will do the job well enough for you.
  15. bruce bennett

    Problem Bending Mahogany Sides

    the woods not wet enough. You should build a steam box . I've never had good results with the Fox dry bending system. steam bent woods will bend like a noodle. and they stay put much better
  16. bruce bennett

    Solder/ground Dual-concentric Potentiometer Case?

    don't use solid wire and 14 gauge is way to large. standard guitar wire is between 18 and 22 ga. STRANDED.. because stranded carries high freq. better than solid. plus its more flexible before breaking. and I use full shielding inside all my guitars, so I don't have to ground to the pot...
  17. bruce bennett

    Neck Issue? Or Im Just Paranoid?

    unless the joint is actually "moving" then any "problem" is all in your head. it looks like that was a place where some tearout happened before the block was glued up. then during neck caving they hit that spot showing the little "ditch". you could fill it with a little thickened super glue...
  18. bruce bennett

    Using A D'angelico Plane For The First Time - Help Requested

    its sounded like you might be trying to plane against the grain. if you think of the grain as looking like this //////////////////// you would want to plane it from left to right across the top surface because if you tried to plane from right to left. it would obviously grab and dig in. and...
  19. bruce bennett

    Pickguard - To Remove Or Not...

    JUST IN CASE, try lighter fluid on the pickguard. i use Ronsonol or Zippo, both are just naptha. IF the pickguard happens to be stuck on with a double stick "pressure sensitive" type of material. then the naptha will loosen it and not melt back the underlying finish. repair and...
  20. bruce bennett

    Pickguard - To Remove Or Not...

    if you believe its super glue. acetone is the solvent for Super glue. It will also turn any lacquer on the top to goo as well. which you can scrap off with a razor blade, So I would start there, and work slowly with small amounts of acetone to get the pickguard/s loosened. sidenote...