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    ESB-4 Semi Hollow Bass Kit Build (with video)

    Editing the video actually took me longer than completing this bass. Some Details about the build: It's a ESB-4 Semi Hollow Bass by Pitbull Guitars Clear Coat: Nitro Cellulose Lacquer Spray Cans (I've used the ones from Northwest Guitars, but any brand will probably do) Tru-Oil finish on the...
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    scratch build #9 - the twang master - would love your feedback...

    it has lots of great little details but my favourite feature is how the whole top is arched
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    Pore filling with a different color than the wood stain color

    Type of sealer: What type of clearcoat are you planning to use later on? Sometimes that's the limiting factor that makes deciding on a sealer easier. But any compatible sealer should do (compatible to the clearcoat that you want to use at the end). Pore filler: Maybe Rustins Grain Filler in...
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    Help On A Specific Type Of Wiring Please

    I don't have a diagram, but just think of it as 3 of the same circuits in parallel + one master tone. Which means: 3x(Pickup -> volume -> toggle -> to master tone) -> output Of course, one wire of the pickup goes to GND (ground) The volume pot has one leg going to GND The master tone has one...