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    Hi there. I should first say that I regrettably am not a luthier but that, as a lifelong guitar player and lover, I couldn't respect the craft and the art any more deeply. In fact, all instrument production is fascinating to me and it's with a huge amount of respect I come to this forum to ask some advice.

    I hope this doesn't come off as too strange...but I'd like to use the bones of a dear pet of mine who recently passed for any part of a guitar, or maybe a ukulele. Maybe I'm a romantic but the idea that she can still "be around" and contributing to a very important part of my life and part of my stories behind the instrument is attractive to me. Actually, this is kind of a mini experiment. If it turns out to be not insane, I may leave in my will to do something similar with my own remains so I can "live" on in an instrument that may be passed down through the family. Sounds better than heaven to me ;) I sort of came up with the idea after listening to "Dreadful Wind and Rain", which is an american folk version of a very old tale involving a girl who is drowned out of jealousy, but her bones are made into an instrument that can only play heart-breakingly beautiful music (usually a violin but the story changes per culture).

    From my internet research and from my experience maintaining / setting up guitars, the most obvious places seem to be bridge, nut, and binding.

    My first question is...well, am I entirely crazy? The bones are pretty small...not like the big long cattle and hog bones I see being used most popularly.

    Second question - If the obvious choices aren't going to work, how else can I get creative with it? I was thinking even bare minimum, should be able to create inlays that are made from crushed up bone or maybe even some clear type inlay that encases a tooth or two.

    Finally, I'm definitely not attempting this on my own. How would I go about getting a hold of a local luthier, if that is even a thing?

    If you made it through all those words, thank you :)

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