Tony Iommi's Sg Build

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    Tony Iommi's SG Build

    Well I have gotten far enough along with this that I can finally post for all to see.

    Templates for neck profile, body, headstock shape and the raw materials.
    I had already inlayed the dots in the fingerboard when I took this "group shot.
    Logs to Lumber supplied the ¼ sawn 3 3/4” x 3 3/4” x 36” neck billet
    eBay My World - logstolumber0
    North Ridge Hardwoods supplied the 14” x 19” x 1 ½” body blank
    Luthier Tonewood Supplier, Guitar Tops, Body Blanks, Acoustic Sets, Neck Blanks
    Lets start with the Fingerboard.
    It's an ebony pre slotted Gibson scale from Stew-Mac
    Found the center of the board, intersected a center line at each position marker and drilled them out
    A drop of Crazy Glue into each hole and in went the 1/4" pearloid dots
    Drawing the Neck outline of the template
    Marking the 22nd fret ( where neck will join the body ) and the end of the fingerboard so I can mill off the "Drop off" area just past the end of the FB
    Milling the 3 degree angle into the tenon
    Flip the neck over and mill the -3 degree angle onto the bottom of the tenon.
    Here you can see the angle in the neck tenon with the "drop off" and the bottom of the tenon parallel with each other.

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