To Fill Or Not To Fill; That Is The Question...

Discussion in 'Restoration & Repair' started by Mindtravel3r, Sep 3, 2018.

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    Hi all – I am new to the forum. I currently play a Seagull Artist acoustic that has 1.8” nut width, and learned that I really play better and more comfortably on a wider fingerboard. However, almost all of the electrics I have seen including the two I own have the standard 1.68” nut width.

    I recently found a Washburn WG587 seven string guitar on craigslist for $30. The guitar had no bridge and the guy said the electronics don’t work, so I found a project. I am currently working on converting this guitar to a six string with the wider neck I have been looking for.

    So, while working on this, I made a major rookie mistake, and mismeasured the scale length which lead me to believe the scale length was shorter than it actually was. In attempting to fix this I routed out the bridge pickup well 3/4 of an inch where I shouldn't have. In the end, this was a $30 guitar, and learned a ton about templates and template router blades, so I am taking this as learning experience.

    So, the next learning opportunity is how to fill my mistake; a number of question arise:

    • Should I fill the additional inch of space or leave it open? Does this have implications for the tone?
    • If I don’t fill it, this leaves open space where I would mount the pick-up ring. I suppose I could glue in a piece of wood across the cavity for mounting the pickup.
    • I have considered creating a base plate (a little larger than the pickup wells) out of pick guard material and mounting the pickups to this. Although I have never worked with this material and am not sure how to cut it. Thoughts on that approach?
    • Finally, if I decide to fill it, I know that the best approach is to cut a piece of wood to fit, as I have been reading the board on this topic, but I am not sure if I have the tools or the skill to cut that shape. I know there is a bias against using Bondo, what I don’t know is why. Does bondo adversely affect tone? I was considering a combination of wood blocks and Bondo, but it seems like the column between the neck and the bridge is a critical location with regard to tone.

    Any help you can provide is much appreciated.

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    A picture would be very helpful! Just to clarify: it's the bridge PICKUP cavity that you routed? Is it too far towards the neck or the bridge?

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