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Discussion in 'Guitar Building' started by Jim Dewar, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Jim Dewar

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    Oct 6, 2017
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    Hi All
    First post here. I have built many guitars as I am working on my own line of guitar. (Electric solidbody.)
    I love most everything about building guitars except for crowning and what I call crown balancing. (Crown balancing to me is after all frets are crowned and then I go back and use a fret rocker to balance the frets against each other.)
    Anyways, what’d I’d like to know is how long does it take you to crown all the frets?
    I must be doing something wrong because for me a newly leveled fretboard takes hours upon hours to crown them.
    I am using the double sided StewMac straight file.
    Looking forward to your replies.
  2. JWallace

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    May 10, 2013
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    Crown balancing? Hmmm. Are you leveling all of your frets before crowning? The only reason I ask is your reference to "going back and balancing the frets against each other". Its making me wonder what your order of operations is. If you've leveled your frets properly and you haven't taken down any of the tops too far during crowning you shouldn't have to worry about them being level with each other. If you have taken some frets down too far (by over aggressively crowning) and you're "balancing" one fret level to another then you're chasing frets and thats time consuming and kinda defeats the whole purpose. If thats the case you'd want to lightly level all the frets again and re-crown. Can you list your leveling / crowning procedure?

    Everyone is different and so is everyones dressing routine, but in general they all center around the same basic principals. One of these is to leave the peak of the newly leveled fret relatively unmolested and level with the next.

    Personally it takes me 30 min to an hour depending on the condition of the frets. A good routine and proper tools paired with solid technique and practice will bring your fret dress times down significantly.
  3. Palle Clausen

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    Oct 13, 2017
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    It also takes me 30 min to an hour to crown the frets, using a 3-corner file. Polishing actually takes longer...

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