Somewhat Different Wiring For 2 Humbuckers...

Discussion in 'Hardware, Electronics & Parts' started by mistermikev, Jun 3, 2018.

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    so, just thought I'd share. This is a wiring setup I'm going to use for my bass with two mm pickups but really could be for any les paul type setup.

    Sort of a PRS take as it would utilize two bridge humbuckers (ie sm polarity and winding) to yield inside coils vs outside coils combos.

    Drawn here for an alpha 4p3t rotary and using dimarzio wire colors.

    the rotary gives you 3 modes that effect how the standard lp toggle works.
    position 1 would be parallel inside coils vs parallel outside coils vs all 4 parallel (depending on the toggle)
    position 2 would be series inside coils vs series outside coils vs all 4 in 2 series connected in parallel
    position 3 would be series bridge vs parallel neck vs series bridge in parallel with parallel neck.


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