Solder/ground Dual-concentric Potentiometer Case?

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    I have a 2013 Epiphone Les Paul Special-II (1 tone, 1 volume). I thought it would be fun to replace the two pots with dual-concentric so I could have a tone/volume control on each pickup.

    I bought an Alps 500k dual concentric (audio taper on both pots). However, it doesn't look like a traditional pot:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Question: Is it necessary to solder ground wire(s) to the case?

    I'm nervous about doing that because there's not much space to do that on the traditional location (a shaft and circ-clip are there). And the open-side design reveals white plastic blocks. I'm nervous if I solder to the side it might harm that plastic?

    Is there a sound benefit to putting the common connection on the case? Can I just connect grounds to a common wire? Maybe a ring-connector between the pot and wood, to ground the case (if it needs to be grounded)?

    I haven't had good experiences soldering things like this (a destroy them with heat). But, that's probably the cheap 20w iron. (Doesn't heat fast enough, so I heat the whole device?). I have a variable 60w coming. Hopefully my paranoia is misplaced?


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