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Discussion in 'Restoration & Repair' started by Zacker, Jan 12, 2019 at 8:38 AM.

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    I had an old Harmony H-70 Meteor for years, I bought it at a flea market, never had a case, always got banged around but not abused... anyhow the finish was shot so I stripped it down to bare wood which was not good looking at all so knowing I would never be able to do the sunburst finish it had I decided to shoot it flat black because I love the look of the new guitar ls I see online in flat black. So, I shot it with about 10 coats from cans (I know, yuck but... I make due with what a have) and then shot it with about 8 or so coats of clear flat coat. It looks more dark gray than black. Should I have just used laquer with a real spray gun? I think the rattle cans were something like run of the mill Home Depot stuff.

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