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Discussion in 'Guitar Building' started by Robert Burleson, Aug 31, 2018.

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    Aug 31, 2018
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    I am a player, not a builder – still I am amazed by all the cool stuff you guys make. Wanted opinions-- if there are any --on this:

    Although unusual, I often need a 6/4 doubleneck… switching back and forth between guitar and bass necks. Although there are lots of 6/12s, there not many 6/4s. I had one made from a Korean Epiphone 6/12 and EB-0 bass, seen here. Put the bass neck and electronics on the bottom and all tweaked up it’s pretty good! Of course, it is heavy as hell, but I knew that going in. Pix here.

    Still I would like a set neck, USA Gibson version of this. Of course Gibson made about 40 of these (EBS-1250) in the 60s and they’re all hi-$$ collector things even when they are seen. The idea was to make one out of a recent SG and SG bass. The cheap finish ones are all over for $500/$600 and it would have to be refinished anyway. Apart from the whole other issue of cutting up US Gibsons – I have gotten plenty of moralizing lectures on that – the question is this:

    Different luthiers I know/respect say different things:

    · SG depth bodies even with strongest/best glue, connecting pins, cleats, whatever – simply are too thin and will eventually break apart where they are joined.

    · Others say no, done the right way it will be as good/solid as one piece of wood.

    Of course nothing has been started and it’s just at crazy idea stage. But who says SG- depth bodies could be joined -- and who says no, kill this demented idea before it goes any further. DCP_3034.JPG


    Bob B
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    May 16, 2013
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    Of course you can join them; you may need to strengthen the joint with some dowel pins.

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