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    I am wiring a home made 59 Les Paul ish style of guitar. I got my electronics (pots, switch, and wire from Stew Mac #2133. My question is , the wiring diagram that was included with my electronics is different than all the You Tube videos of wiring this style of guitar. This is my first build and everyone on this forum has forgotten more than I will ever know about building guitars. I have included a scanned copy of the wiring diagram. Is this diagram legit? Will it work and provide decent sound if I follow it? I don't know enough about the nuances of sound to understand the difference in a custom wiring sets that are discussed. I just want the basic bare bones tried and true set up that will work. As I learn more then maybe I can tweak things. Your thoughts and comments, please?

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    I'm not about to download any pdf file, so I'll just make the comment that you should look at the recommended wiring from your pickup manufacturer. If you had bothered to use a gif or jpg, I'd look at the schematic. There are all kinds of variations, and some people get really picky about tone and volume settings, so there's roll off compensation, etc. I play wide open, so It doesn't really matter to me.

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