I Want To Add A Strat Pickup To The Middle Position Of My Custom T Armond's Guitar

Discussion in 'Guitar Building' started by motw, Feb 8, 2020.

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    I have this custom made solid body guitar by a local luthier with TV Jones T Armonds and was thinking of adding a stratocaster pickup in the middle position:

    - How will a neck strat pickup sound in the middle position? Will it work? I want options for a lead sound
    - Would a 4rth position work with the T armond neck and Strato neck together? I'm worried about volumes
    - What pot value should I use with the neck strat? I will change all the volume and tone pots for the t armond with 1 meg to add some brightness.
    - Finally, Which Strat pickup will fullfill my need? There are too many to compare, I don't want a noiseless one.


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    Jun 30, 2015
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    well, here's some things I know... single coils typically utilize a 250k pot so 1m might be a bit bright.
    will a neck pickup work?
    a single coil combined with hb is going to cause hum unless you split the hb. the tv tarmond is 2 conductor ie unable to split.
    it would work in the sense that it will make sound, but it will hum as you'll have an odd number of coils going. need 3 or 4 conductor wiring to be able to split.
    might be better off getting a single size humbucker for middle. probably should pick something inbetween the dcr for either so 9 or 10k.

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