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Discussion in 'Guitar Building' started by Danny Huscroft, Aug 10, 2018.

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    Iv recently decided that I would like to purchase an appetite for destruction Slash Les Paul. Saw the price and decided against it. Then my next choice was to purchase a standard Gibson Les Paul. After going to a UK northern based store I still felt for the price I wouldn't love it as much. So hey I thought why not use the money to buy one, a friend of mine told me about this online company Elite Guitar Plans and they're on eBay too. Basically seen as this is Luthier chat my questions are basically, has anyone bought a plan from this company before and also if you have was it good and is it helpful. I'm sure the company goes under the header of JAGuitars. The site has lots of choice but I find with websites it can easily be a biased opinion. I just want someone with knowledge to advise me as I have saved up to do this.

    thank you for taking time to read

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