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What type of neck?

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  4. Ibanez RG

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  1. Loren Smith

    Loren Smith New Member

    Jan 24, 2017
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    Eugene, Oregon
    So, I currently have a project I am in the process of figurimg out wiring [see other thread for details] and am faced with an issue:

    I found an 60's Hagstrom H III body and I literally mean kust the body: no hardware, no neck, no nothing. Just the wooden body.

    Finding a Hagstrom neck within $100-150 is near impossible, finding SPECIFICALLY an H III neck is even harder, so I'm expanding my options. However, I have never liked the look or feel of a 3 by 3, so I want to stick with a 6 inline...

    What do you think wpuld look good on a 60's H III body?

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