3d Printed Fret Bender

Discussion in 'Guitar Building' started by jm7905, Aug 7, 2018.

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    If anyone wants to print a fret bender, I made a model that will print pretty reliably with >30% infill. You do need to add the bearings, shoulder bolts, washers and nuts, but this will save a little time rather than trying to figure out the spacing or necessary parts on your own.

    fret bender back.jpg fret bender front.jpg fret bender parts.jpg fret bender side.jpg

    I put the stp file up on thingiverse for anyone to use. Feel free to modify it if you like. Link is here.

    Here's the parts sh opping list using McMaster Carr part numbers:
    • M6 Washers to act as spacers (I used 1.0mm thickness in my original, but these can be tricky to find) (Qty 6) - Mcmaster Part: 91166A250 - If you shift the position of these washers, you can change from a fret bender to a fret straightener.
    • M6x12 Shoulder Bolts for Locating and securing the bearings (Qty 3) - Mcmaster Part: 92981A101
    • Square Nuts (Qty 3) - Mcmaster Part: 96887A331
    • 626-ZZ Bearings (Qty 6) Pick these up from any ebay seller – a 10 pc lot usually costs $3-$6.
    Assembly is pretty straightforward. To use it you just loosen the bolt which rides in the slot of the fret bender, adjust the spacing to achieve your desired final radius, and pass the wire through the rollers (with the tang up and in the slot between the two upper bearings).

    Hope this helps someone.

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    May 16, 2013
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    Very cool!

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