1936 Trojan Rebuild?

Discussion in 'Restoration & Repair' started by DianneB, Jan 11, 2018.

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    I have a 1936 National Trojan that has been in the family since new. Unfortunately it was left strung in a damp basement for more than 20 years and came to me soaking wet and 'bent'. I almost threw it away before I discovered how old it is.

    I tried to reset the neck but discovered the body is distorted - it is concave between the neck and the tail block and has spread width-wise across the resonator hole so I need to take the body apart and rebuild it with new, straight bracing and parts. The dovetail is also in terrible shape so I will need to re-shape the dovetail on the neck and fit a new dovetail block in the body.

    Does anybody know what kind of adhesive National would have used for the body in 1936? Hopefully it will be hide glue so I can steam it apart!

    (This guitar isn't worth anything except as a family heirloom but I don't believe in "wall hangers" if it is even remotely possible to bring it back to life.)

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