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  1. mistermikev
    mistermikev Duplex Dave
    was just looking back over my hamer thread... you helped me out by sending me some free mahog. Duplex Dave - I often think about what a nice gesture that was - just wanted to say thank you again!
  2. Jonny Cumbo
    Jonny Cumbo
    Hello from Wellington, New Zealand!
  3. Jim Penson
    Jim Penson
    I'm, in Arlington, Texas. Glad to find this board!
  4. mistermikev
    turning wood piles into guitar styles for... well, for about 6mos now.
  5. zugasoti
  6. wivukuw
  7. pusuromag
  8. xuyulesot
  9. veyatatix
  10. remitis
  11. bimajen
  12. dogonaca
  13. xenewulu
  14. teruwir
  15. xakerit
  16. yutonox
  17. ludihowi
  18. rufiyeyap
  19. mitexoyi
  20. xuveyey
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