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  1. telebomb
    Anyone ever use Bocote as afinger board material ?
  2. telebomb
    Anybody ever use Bocote as a finger board material ?
  3. Jackdaddy
    Jackdaddy TKOjams
    TKOjams...I am new to this site. I built a guitar 25 years ago with my Father when I was much younger. Now my son want to do the same thing with me. so we are going to do a dual build (1 for each of us). I am not able to look at any of the skydrive links, and want to start designing my own based on a Gibson SG. Please let me know how to get this info....I appreciate it if you can help!
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  6. Gennadiy
    Gennadiy Delayar
    Good afternoon! Please could you send the drawings of the Red Special guitar? I've been looking for a long time nowhere ...
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    alan antjunes TKOjams
    my email
  11. alan antjunes
    alan antjunes TKOjams
    Hello Friend. okay?
    I can not access the pickguards link. You could kindly send me my email, I'll be very grateful.
    Thank you very much
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