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  1. Wolf Guitar Master
    Wolf Guitar Master
    ⚪ Indonesian Luthier Handmade Original HQ Custom Repair #wolfpricelist +6281294547638
  2. BRIZ
    Noob here any help I can get on a list of tool for building from scratch would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. BRIZ
    I play a bit, tinker with electronics, and now want to start building.
  4. ken
    Newbie here
  5. Tonedragon
    Slightly annoyed
  6. Miguel Sandoval
    Miguel Sandoval Alex
  7. Loren Smith
    Loren Smith
    Building a '62 Jag, building a Chimera out of an old Hagstrom body and playing in a grunge/punk band.
  8. Kenni
    Currently working on a Tradition Les Paul S20M in beautiful Metallic Emerald Green!
  9. sosay
  10. sosay
    sosay ifti
    JAoin the nut line with the line on head stock,cut the neck out using a knife and straigt edge. stick it to your template timber,cut out with jig saw,sand to perfection,now use that template to make a beter one using a router and patern bit,good luck.
    googl STUART MC DONALD FRET CALCULATER for you measurements
  11. sosay
    sosay ifti
    this is how i drew my telecaster neck out.
    Get some tracing paper and draw a line 475mm long,
    Use a square to draw your nut line on the left,42mm,so 21mm each side.
    use a square to draw the end of the neck 58mm so 29mm each side
    Now join the edge lines.
    You can now choose your head stock from this site

  12. sosay
    sosay ifti
    i had to draw my own neck out,then i glued the board on and routed to the neck,it worked out fine,then i ordered the stewart mcdonald fender fret rule
  13. Kent Löfstedt
    Kent Löfstedt Alex
    Hello! I am on my way to build a precision bass but I don't have a blueprint. Tried to open the link on the side but it don't works. I have a precision fro, 1964 to copy from but it would have been nice to have a blueprint. Maybe you can help me! Thanks a lot if you can. /
  14. Tonedragon
  15. ifti
    I need guitar strat fingerboard blueprint pdf can u help me please?
    1. sosay
      there are not a lot of prints going around the forums,and if there is i have not seen many,especially fret board measurements,you should just draw it out yourself,then google the stue mc donald fret position calculator,it worked fine for me,i could not find a good enough neck pdf,so done it myself,now i will never need a neck print again
      Nov 29, 2016
    2. sosay
      all you need to know is the scale length/neck width/thickness and use the stue mc fret calculator,i would reccomend you try it
      Nov 29, 2016
    3. sosay
      hay,did you find what you were looking for r did you ty it yourself?
      Dec 19, 2016
  16. sosay
    sosay Adam
    yeh it looks good,some nice guitars in there cheers,i spend most my time on tdpri as i am building a tele, but i will be looking in on sevenstring to check it out
  17. sosay
    sosay Adam
    hay Adam, how are ya ,look ,straight to the point,,,where is everyone? am i missing something,or is this site very quiet?cheers.
    1. Adam
      This place used to be more happening, but a lot of people either moved on or got too busy with their companies. The Luthier section on is much more populated, it's a great resource as well.
      Sep 9, 2016
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  18. sosay
    sosay Aaron V
    WELCOME Aaron , yeh throw some pics up when you get a chance,and there is your first like,ahhhhhhhh
  19. shelbyman
    shelbyman aeleus
    Hi aelus....I noticed you built a custom Rickenbacker type guitar a while back. I'm considering having 1-2 electric guitars built for personal use (not to sell) that are not exact replicas of the original Rickenbacker Beatle spec guitars.
    Did you ever receive any cease and desist or any type of communication from John Hall or Rickenbacker regrading your Rickenbacker published guitar build?